Budget Moving Company in Chilliwack, BC

If you are looking to relocate to a new home, a new office, or simply need a few large items moved from one place to another, Paul’s Moving and Labour Service does it all. With Paul’s, you will get a team of professional local and long-distance movers to relocate your items safely, professionally, and in a timely fashion, all while staying well within your budget.
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Moving Company in Chilliwack, BC

Based in beautiful Chilliwack, BC, we specialize in moving oversized items like premium furniture, king-sized beds, large shelving units, and even grand pianos. We are fully licensed and insured to guarantee that your valuable belongings are not just protected by our professionalism, but with an ironclad guarantee of success. Unlike most moving companies, we do not limit our services to residential clients. We also move offices, equipment, and more, fulfilling commercial delivery contracts for small and medium-sized businesses. What is more, we make wardrobes available for purchase or rent to help you get through the interim. Contact us today!

Budget Movers

Here at Paul’s Moving and Labour Service, we know moving is expensive. That is why our local movers strive to provide services in a way that not only protects your belongings and offers you valuable storage during the transition. We do all of this with pricing that is always competitive, helping you to ensure that you stay under budget.

Large Object Relocation

Many moving companies do not move oversized objects. But here at Paul’s, we specialize in that very thing. Our team is specially trained, equipped, and insured to make sure that your out-sized belongings do make the trip, safely and quickly.

Long-Distance Moving

Just because we are a family-owned business, does not mean we are afraid of long-distance contracts. We will pick up, pack, unload, and deliver your furniture, appliances, and other belongings at competitive prices, guaranteed. Whether you are relocating to Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, or the Northern Territories, we will get you there, on time and under budget.


Whether you are relocating to a new home or a new office, the biggest part of the job is packing, oftentimes requiring months of careful preparation. Our team has the equipment, the know-how, and the attention to detail to do this tedious job for you, saving you valuable time during a major transition.

Loading and Unloading

Do not want to bother your friends and family by asking them to help you move? With Paul’s Moving and Labour Service, we take care of all of that for you. Why knock yourself out loading and unloading thousands of pounds of items when you could spend that time planning your next housewarming party?


Moving is a complex endeavor. With so much up in the air, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a storage facility to store things for which you do not yet have space? Why do it all at once when you can plan carefully and get it done right the first time with our storage facility and wardrobe containers for purchase or rent? Let the people at Paul’s Moving and Labour Service store it for you in our secure and insured storage facility.

Points of Interest & Activities in Chilliwack, BC

While you are waiting for Paul’s team to relocate and unpack all your furniture, belongings, and equipment, why not enjoy some of the local attractions in your new hometown?

Cultus Lake Waterpark

Cultus Lake has two exciting destinations that are great fun for the whole family! There is the Cultus Waterpark and the Cultus Adventure Park. Take your pick and have a great time!

Mt Waddington’s Outdoors

Looking for a great adventure in the great outdoors? Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors is the area’s première outdoor sports, hiking, camping and adventure retailer. Get geared up for a great time!

Dickens Sweets and British Museum

Get the full, traditional British experience at Dickens Sweets & Chocolates, right next door to the British Museum. One of the top five most popular attractions in Chilliwack, Dickens is one of just a handful of original British grocery stores on the continent.

Chilliwack River Rafting

Experience the adventure and the grandeur of a wild white-water rafting adventure at Chilliwack River Rafting! The Chilliwack River is as wild and beautiful as it is rich in historic relevance. Make your move complete with an unbeatable rafting challenge.

Cheam Peak

Explore five and a half miles of beautiful rocky Canadian terrain at Cheam Peak. With its magnificent river and majestic peaks, this adventure is full of prime photo opportunities.

Elk Mountain

Another great hiking and outdoor exploration hot spot, Elk Mountain in Frasier Valley East offers exhilarating hiking and climbing and rewards you with panoramic views of the entire area. View beautiful forest and majestic rocky peaks on this stout but relaxing hiking trail.

Do You Need the Help of a Professional, Inexpensive Moving Company in Chilliwack, BC?

If you are relocating to a new home or office, you need the reassurance that comes with hiring a fully trained, fully insured moving team that does it all. Paul’s Moving and Labour Service brings you top-tier moving professionalism and capabilities, all with our competitive price guarantee. Estimates are always free, so call today!

Moving Company FAQs

When people are planning a big move, they have a lot of important questions, and they deserve answers. Here are some of the most common questions we get here at Paul’s Moving and Labour Service.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company?

According to Moving.budda.com, the average household costs between $1,050 and $2,500 to fully relocate. Here at Paul’s, we know numbers like that can be a bit of a shock. That is why we always make sure our prices are the best.

Can you move my piano, or my large safe?

Yes, we can. Our team has been specially trained to safely move oversized objects and are well equipped to do the job. What is more, we are fully insured to protect your valuables from the unforeseeable.

Can you provide moving supplies?

Moving can be a mix of paid services and DIY activities. However, involved you want to be with your move, we have the supplies and the equipment you will need to get the job done to your satisfaction.

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