March 5, 2018

Prof. Dr.

"Paul's moving is the way to go: why? They were on the minute, they had and used plenty of protection padding, they moved carefully and safely, they were fast, both in the houses and on the highway, they were communicative and friendly, and they even were ready to accommodate as a matter of course last minute changes in the item list. Moving with Paul's moving for us was a piece of cake."
February 26, 2018

"Following the second worst snow storm of the year, Paul's moving were still timely for their assignment. Although not a big move, it was extremely challenging due to the size of the object being moved. The gentlemen carefully removed smoke doors as required, in order to facilitate the large walk in tub. They were most careful and conscientious ensuring not to damage the tub in any way. Despite the difficult nature of the move and the added time and effort required to remove and replace 4 different doors, the price was not escalated in anyway which was actually unexpected. I certainly expected the price to be slightly raised due to the extra time and I bought them lunch :) Thank-you very much for the professional service on a weather challenged day. "
February 13, 2018


"I had 3 storage units and a broken ankle and I needed help. Paul and his crew came through for us. They were quick, efficient and worked hard. They were professional and did an exemplary job. I would hire them if I needed to move again without reservation! You guys saved the day!"
January 23, 2018

"Very impressed with Tyler and his team. Showed up on to work immediately...polite and professional. They had to rearrange an entire storage locker that was already pre-filled and managed to get all my belongings inside. Very happy and will be calling on them again. Well done guys!"
December 27, 2017

"I just had Drew, Rob, and Jamie do a move for me today. They were wonderful. There were no problems at all. From the time of booking with Tyler and Paul, my move went so smoothly. I am moving in two goes and they are already on board to do my second move in the New Year. My warmest thanks to all of you."
Paul's Moving and Labour Service