March 25, 2024

"We had a whole house move from Chilliwack to Logan Lake, we actually had two houses moving into one but we did the houses at different times. I’m disabled physically and I’m autistic and have adhd and I can’t express how unbelievably accommodating the company made the move the entire process. Passed the vibe check, efficient, and caring. So grateful to the team and would recommend to anyone for any move!"
March 18, 2024

"James and Nick were my movers and they were incredible the hardest workers I’ve ever seen and so meticulous. I would recommend them highly."
March 17, 2024

"My friend just moved using Paul’s Moving "
March 15, 2024

"Great staff on time, worked hard. Got the job done with no damages"
March 14, 2024

"Mike and Kris were excellent, great move!"
Paul's Moving and Labour Service